The Inner Superbloom

I’m pretty amazed that we are into the second quarter of 2019 already. It’s interesting to read my blog post from around this time last year in April of 2018. I’m noting the same trees that I mentioned in last year’s springtime post—some are a bit behind and some are a bit ahead of where they were last April.

Right now, on the eve of the April Pink full moon (named for the phlox that typically blooms this time of year), there’s one tree in a neighbor’s yard that is the only tree that hasn’t started to sprout new green leaves or flower buds. I’ve been watching it every morning, thinking about how it is taking its sweet time and unfolding on its own timetable. Here in San Francisco, after many months of (much-needed) winter rain, everything is lush and verdant, and flowers are everywhere, from creamy pink magnolias by the entrance to Golden Gate Park to tiny yellow flowers dotted all over the Presidio.

I’ve known that the lone bare tree is OK; it’s just needed some more time than the others. A few days ago, I happily noticed that the bare branches started to form little studs where new green leaves will form. And now it is staying in this current phase for however long it needs before finally unfurling new leaves. So, even though it’s “superbloom” time in California, where the rains have transformed deserts into painterly technicolor gardens, at the end of the day, a tree trusts its own inner wisdom on when it’s time to unfurl.

How has the superbloom affected you? How has the change in weather affected your moods, your energy, your outlook, your creativity? How does being around flowers and trees affect you? Are you in touch with your own wisdom on when it’s time to rest and when it’s time to unfurl and blossom? What do you imagine an inner superbloom would look like in your life? What conditions—external and internal—do you need to cultivate your own inner superbloom and come into your own fullness, as you define it?

Some recent ways that I’ve been cultivating coming into fullness in my therapy work involve coming to the end of a 16-month training on Jungian clinical concepts with the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, and learning about current approaches to the treatment of anxiety and trauma from the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. I’ll also be co-facilitating a Daylong Full Moon Intensive at Scarlet Sage next month on May 18 with my cohost, herbalist Rachel Farinelli Vita. While the intensive isn’t a psychotherapy group, it is a replenishing mini-retreat that will take place on next month’s full moon, where we will learn about working with the full moon and do guided meditation, movement, ritual, and full moon vision boards. For more information, visit

Wishing you much inspiration in this season of flowering and discovery…

Jessica Viscomi