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Navigating the dark night of the soul by Chiara Viscomi, MA, LMFT

"When someone is going through a particularly difficult time, we may say that he or she is having a 'dark night of the soul.' During such a period, someone may be plunged into an emotional realm marked by feelings of despair, loss of meaning, and deep uncertainty about life and its purpose. According to author Eckhart Tolle, a dark night of the soul can be brought on by an external event, such as a natural disaster, a life-changing medical diagnosis, or the death of a loved one. It can also be brought on by an internal event, such as reaching a milestone birthday, “hitting bottom” with an addiction, or suddenly feeling like the sense of meaning attached to the life one has created thus far has disintegrated. While the dark night of the soul can be extremely painful, chaotic, and overwhelming, it can also be a time of transformation and rebirth..."


"The words 'archetype' and 'archetypal' have become so common that you have probably encountered them in articles, books, films, and the like. But what do these words really mean, particularly in regard to psychology? Generally speaking, archetypes relate to universal symbols, characters, or motifs that evoke deep meaning. Some examples of well-known archetypes include the Wise Old Man (think Yoda from Star Wars or Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid), the Outlaw (such as the eponymous duo from Thelma and Louise), and the Caregiver (picture Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins). While archetypes are everywhere, it is not as well known that we can actively work with them to achieve greater self-awareness and to activate psychological growth. Read on to find out more about archetypes and how to unleash their power..."

"marion woodman: pioneer of conscious femininity and the psychology of the soul"
by Chiara Viscomi, MA, LMFT

"Jungian analyst, author, lecturer, teacher, and poet Marion Woodman, LLD, DHL, Ph.D., has made it her life’s work to explore how to cultivate the rose of the soul, even when it’s being singed by the fires of suffering. Using her own healing process as a template, she has developed her own unique, pioneering, and innovative take on Jungian analysis, seeking to bring the body into the therapeutic equation, and women’s psychology to the forefront..."