Welcome 2019

I am blown away that 2019 is already here. When I look out the window, though, it’s quite clear that San Francisco-style winter is here. The tree branches are skeletal and bare, looking starkly beautiful. Rain has blessedly started to fall. I need my warmer jacket when I go outside. There are less greens available at the farmer’s market—instead, there are plenty of root vegetables and bright orange persimmons to be had.

These foods offer their own medicinal wisdom for the season: root vegetables provide energy and grounding; persimmons are revered in Chinese medicine as healing agents for colds, as they moisten the lungs. Sure enough, in paying attention to nature’s cues, we can observe the life wisdom and medicine offered in each season.

For many, winter can understandably evoke thoughts and feelings about literal or metaphorical death, loss, and mystery. It is a time of unwinding, letting go, and hibernation. Of conserving energy. Of using the long, dark nights to rest; take in emotional/physical/creative nourishment (via reading, journaling, dancing, listening to myths and stories, etc.); and to take some time to dream into new ways of being, serving, creating, and relating to others.

Just as nature needs this time of rest and receding, so do we. We cannot be “on” all the time. We can’t move so fast that we forget who we are, why we’re here, where we’re going, and how we want to get there. Winter gives us permission to slow down, reevaluate all of these things, and just be.

Some of my offerings for this season of introspection and taking in deep nourishment are a new article I wrote for HealthyPsych called “Your Own North Star: Finding Life Purpose and Passion,” as well as another New Moon Women’s Circle and a Daylong Full Moon Intensive at Scarlet Sage School of Traditional Healing. Click on the links to find out more…

Jessica Viscomi