New Moon Offering


Summer is quickly dwindling. The days are growing shorter. Twilight comes earlier each night. I watch the fruit trees outside my kitchen window, branches dipping with the weight of dusky purple figs and still-green apples.

I've shared before about how these trees help to orient me in the year, especially in San Francisco, where the seasons are often mysterious and contradictory. In the past couple of years, the moon has also become an increasingly important anchor.

Like the fruit trees in my neighbor's backyard, watching the waxing and waning of the moon orients me to the month and the overall passage of time. However, the moon does even more. It exerts an undeniable and cyclical force on the physical, emotional, creative, and spiritual body. This force can be worked with as a catalyst for growth.

Starting in September through December, I'll be cohosting a New Moon Women's Circle at Scarlet Sage School of Traditional Healing Arts here in San Francisco. The circle, open to women-identified people, will meet monthly on or near the new moon.

While the circle is not a psychotherapy group, it will provide a space to learn intention-setting and clearing practices, the effects of the new moon on our lives, and how to fortify and nourish ourselves. I will be sharing these practices alongside my cohost, Rachel Farinelli-Vita, talented herbalist, healing arts practitioner, and apothecary manager at Scarlet Sage. For more information on how to register, please visit the Scarlet Sage website here.

Jessica Viscomi