Every morning, I've been checking on the fig and apple trees in my neighbor's yard from my kitchen window as I sip my tea. These trees are my markers that help to orient me in my year. The fig tree started sprouting chartreuse buds about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and each day, the leaves grow a little bigger. They're definitely identifiable as fig leaves now. I can also see the beginning of new fig fruits appearing.

The apple tree has been slower to note the advent of springtime than the fig tree. Only in the past week has it finally started to cautiously reveal a handful of bright pink buds, some of which have exploded into small white and cotton-candy-pink blossoms.

Seeing this sprouting and flowering is always exciting and fascinating. I am continually amazed by the tenacity and artistry of nature. And its timeliness, too. Changes are inevitable but it's grounding to see the blossoms emerge on nearly the same timetable on a yearly basis.

This spring also marks an exciting new chapter for Lapis Healing Arts, my psychotherapy practice. The website has just been refreshed, and I'm thrilled to announce that I have started to practice in a new office space in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco.